Doom scrolling
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Doom scrolling

Doom scrolling

I have a problem. To be honest, I think many people have it these days. Endlessly scrolling social media for hours. It sucks precious time out of our lives. Most of the time you don't even realize it is happening when it is happening. When you do realize, you have already spent that time, you are not getting it back.

It is not even something productive, most of it makes you either angry, jealous or unhappy. The problem is not you, it is the algorithms. They are designed to keep you hooked to the screen for hours. Scrolling away our limited time here. The way all these social media giants implement new engagement features is crazy (stories, short videos). This is a very efficient capitlism. From the specially designed server farms to the speedy content delivery everything is optimized to the last pixel for engagement. Our generation's best minds are working on it.

I don't think all social media is evil or bad for you. Many folks are building their careers here. Many are building connections that would have been impossible otherwise. Forget the professional use case, I like to keep up with my friends on Instagram. Some of them are getting married, some of them are moving to other countries, starting a new job. I have met folks with similar interests on Twitter, I directly get to talk to them. These things were really hard before social media came along.

Completely quitting it does not work for me. Like a very restrictive diet, I tend to bounce back very hard from it.  I am experimenting with a new way to reduce the usage though. I reset my password for Twitter and Instagram on the Desktop apps. I set it to something random and forgot it. I have deleted mobile apps and am too lazy to reset my password on my phone. My Desktop is not on all the time, even when it is, the experience on the desktop is not as good as on phones. This has eliminated my scrolling in bed habit. Most of the time when I am outside the home just with my phone I cannot open it, I have resorted to reading my saved articles in Pocket. Maybe I will soon start reading the books I bought on my Kindle app.

One good thing is I do check it 2-3 times daily. This way I don't miss it entirely and bounce back hard. So far this has worked for the past week. I will update how it goes here after a month 👍.

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