Don't consume news in the morning
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Don't consume news in the morning

Don't consume news in the morning

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This is not a medical advice.

Don't consume news in the morning. Don't open email, news, social media before you do anything you had already planned for the day.  You are more productive and you will get more work done at the beginning of your day. I know, this sounds very trivial. It has been working out great for me recently.  

Last month I quit my job to work full time on my side-project. I used to start my day by checking email, going through newsletters, checking Twitter, Hacker News. I would end up starting actual work about an hour late. But that is not the only reason why you don't do it. The way I see it is that everybody has a finite mental capacity for the day. We wake up, spend it on things we are doing, consuming. Then we recharge overnight and start a new day (Sometimes this recharge mechanism isn't just working and we call it as a burnout). When we start our day with Twitter, email or news we are spending the finite mental capacity on things that might not affect us directly (most of the news), and when we actually get to work we have drained that battery half-way through.

I also understand that this might work for all the folks. Life, schedules, responsibilities are different for everyone. Also this does not mean skip your other morning rituals like getting a coffee, going for walk, exercising, or reading that book. Just keep away things that are mentally taxing after work.

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